At last small business's can get online without the expense of having a fully blown website!

Your website from us will have all of the important stuff you need to tell your prospective customers, to the point and in a smartphone friendly way.
This does not mean you miss out on design either! Our team will even create you with a logo for this website if you do not already have one.

You will have :
3 Sliders (the images that move at the top)
A small section about your business
Some images
A Map
A 'Call Now' button (works on smartphones)
A Contact section
links to social media
An email address.
Have a look at our examples and get in touch!

Other Websites in the range !

Bringing you Truly Affordable Websites

Lets Get Marketing To The Rescue!
Small business should not just rely on social media to help them capture sales.
Customers like to review a company online before they buy, its all pert of the 'decision making process'. In the past small business's were left high and dry because websites were our of the reach of many.
If you are a small business, just like a trusted Computer Geek!! Then this package is just perfect for you, we will look after your online marketing and you can .... well do whatever it is you do!!
Get in touch (we prefer email please, that's how we keep our costs down so low).
A perfect website for Computer and gadget repairs!

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Let’s get A One Page Website

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